“We bought a boat,
It did not float!

The seller was dodgy bloke,
Chewing gum, on things that broke.

He nearly killed us, this was war!
So off we went to Regent Law

Mathew and TK on the case,
Got things done at cracking pace.

Friendly guys who knew their stuff.
We cannot thank them nearly enough.

So Regent Law is the team …..
When your boat becomes a submarine.”


Mr. Paul Riordan

“Helpful, responsive and detail oriented! We are very pleased with Mr. Mathew Kurian’s work and attention to details that hadn’t occurred to us… His knowledge and understanding extends not only to the legal issues, but to dealing pragmatically with the issues in the business context… I highly recommend Mr. Mathew to anyone seeking a good business lawyer”


Ms. C. Masuda
Managing Director
Anchor Shipping & Consultancy Pte. Ltd.

“For a number of years, we thought that the only way to receive top-tier legal representation was to hire a large firm. Having worked with Regent Law LLC, we now know that we can get even better representation, better responsiveness, and great resources from a much smaller firm. We also enjoy more flexible and reasonable fee structures, something that is highly valued by our Management Team….” Mr. Mathew Kurian is an absolute bulldog in obtaining the best results for his clients. He has assisted our organization numerous times over the last several years. His tenacity and work ethic are outstanding. Additionally, we consider him a friend and highly recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer who gets great results and is a pleasure to work with.


Mr. R. Kris
Managing Director
Armour Logistics & Manpower Pte. Ltd.

“Regent Law has been as indispensable partner in my business. Mr Mathew Kurian’s professional and timely advices always prove to be effective and efficient. This is especially so when he was handling my case. Mr Mathew is meticulous with details and is knowledgeable in his area of expertise. With these attributes he successfully solved my case in the manner which I am extremely satisfied with. In addition, his friendly and approachable character makes him an outstanding lawyer… Besides Mr Mathew, Regent Law has one of the most professional and friendly staff I had seen. Their staff are well-mannered and able to respond in a timely fashion whenever I had to make an appointment with Mr Mathew… In all, Regent law LLC is blessed with Mr Mathew’s professional and staff capability. I would, without doubt, refer those in need of legal advices to Regent Law and Mr Mathew Kurian”


Ms. Regina Tan Managing Director Ministry of Clean Pte. Ltd.
“Efficient, Patient and Excellent, the few words to describe you and your team. From ASEC Security Events Command, we would like extend our heartfelt thanks to you and your team at Regent Law LLC. Keep it rolling.”


Mr. Gabriel Rumdej
Managing Director (Business Development & Marketing)
ASEC Security Events Command Pte Ltd.

“Mr. Mathew Kurian demonstrates passion in what he does and achieves better than expected outcomes for his clients through his dedication and immense hard work in all his undertakings Mr. Mathew has wide knowledge and experience in the legal and commercial systems of Singapore and would be a great help to anyone seeking to set up business in Singapore.”


Mr. J. Walter
Global Talent Executive Search

Mr. Mathew Kurian is definitely part of our corporate team and we include him in the fine details on a moment’s notice… Mr. Mathew’s knowledge and understanding extends not only to the legal issues, but to dealing pragmatically with the issues in the business context… I highly recommend Mr. Mathew to anyone seeking a good business lawyer.”


Mr. Duncan Seow
One Security Pte. Ltd.

“I am extremely satisfied with the services of Regent Law LLC… I am impressed with the professionalism and sincerity of the team, especially Mr. Mathew Kurian, in genuinely wanting to help me resolve my insurance claim. He was quick in responding to my queries, negotiated with the insurers and always acted in my interest… I will definitely recommend Mr. Mathew’s services to my circle of friends and family members.”


Ms. Swapna D
Accident Claim : Personal Injury

“Dear Mr. Mathew Kurian, Thank you so very much for your good work on my son’s appeal for his student pass… I am very grateful for your representation, and for the positive outcome… My son is at school this week and so happy to be back with his friends… From the Regent Law team I must particularly single out Abhi for the excellent work he did on this case… So once again Mr. Mathew I must say THANK YOU and all your team! You have made this mother very happy!”


Mrs. Larissa P
Appeal to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore

“I am very grateful to Regent Law LLC, Mr. Mathew Kurian and Mr. Baljit for getting me compensation sum of S$337,790.00 for my husband’s claim… You guys are the best.”


Ms. Jasvinder Kaur
Motor Accident Claim

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Mathew Kurian for handling my case with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)… I had lost all hopes but then with God’s grace I got in touch with Mr. Mathew who made my appeal to MOM and I was successful to get my Employment Pass approved… In short he is a problem solver and family now… I would like to thank Abi as well.”


Mr. S Pasari
Employment Pass (EP) Issues: Appeal to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Mathew Kurian, Ray, Baljit and Rachel for the excellent service that they’ve rendered… My mother and I are extremely grateful to Regent Law for their invaluable assistance in my Mom’s work injury claims.”


Mr. Ivan Seet
Mother’s Work Place Injury Claim